Stigmergy, your innovation partner

Why should we collaborate?

Our mission is to collaborate with companies that want to develop a culture of innovation, regardless of their size, that allows them to encourage their employees’ creativity and inventiveness as a source of long-lasting competitive advantages. 

With what purpose?

We pretend to reduce time-to-market of new products, services and/or business models, minimizing risk associated to it, and generating reusable learnings.

Develop a Culture of Innovation

We collaborate with our customers to promote into their organizations a conductive environment to a continuous introduction of new ideas…

The first step in the cultural change process requires clarifying what it means and it does not mean an organizational culture change. The type of questions to make are, what attributes will characterize the new culture? What characteristics of the current culture will remain, which will be reduced and which will disappear?

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Prioritizing innovation opportunities

Having first of all identified the users latent needs (customer insights), we establish a hierarchy of needs, according to criteria of importance to the user and degree to which the need is covered by the market.

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Our integrated approach

Proven innovation framework

We combine the skills and methods that faciltate the development of a cultural change with the stages of an innovation process as an integral part of our interdisciplinary and proven innovation framework.

A near obsession over quality

We are not happy unless a project fulfils its potential. We might spend more time on projects than others, but we believe this extra investment is worth it. It is this unique combination of versatility, quality and design thinking that helps ensure the success of each and every project.

A shared experience

We speak about Culture of Innovation and Open Ecosystems at conferences and events worldwide. If you want to develop an innovation culture in your organization and/or speeding-up time-to market, let us know.

The Team

We are an interdisciplinary team with an extensive experience in innovation projects, ranging from,

Market Researchers



Business Model Designers

Co-creation practitioners

Software Developers

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