Legal terms

STIGMERGY, S.L., whose address is C/ Fernando el Santo, 24, 1 C, 28010 Madrid, Spain, with Tax ID nº B87597225, registered in Volume 34867, Paper 141, Sheet M-627098 at the Commercial Register of Madrid is the owner of the present page.



1.1.) Accessing this Website or its use in any form implies acceptance of each and every one of the Legal Terms, while STIGMERGY, S.L. reserves the right to modify them at any time. Consequently, it is the responsibility of every visitor and/or User to read the Legal Terms in effect carefully every time the Website is visited, so that in case of disagreement about the terms set out here, the User should refrain from using the site.



2.1.) The web provides Users with access to a range of services, information and data (the “content”), at his or her disposition, STIGMERGY, S.L. reserves the right to modify the appearance, configuration and location of the Webpage at any time, as well as the content, products and services contained therein.



3.1.) Access to information about the different products and services on the Website, as well as navigation shall be free and without charge, with no requirement for Users to register, with the consequent submission of personal data or the use of passwords.
3.2.) When personal data is required in order to access certain content or services, the Users shall be liable for its veracity, precision, authenticity and validity. STIGMERGY, S.L. will handle this data automatically in accordance with the nature and purpose, in the terms agreed in the section of the Privacy Policy.
3.3.) Access and/or use of the Web page implies express authorization of our Cookie Policy, and the User can change the configuration at any time in the terms indicated in our Cookies Policy.



.1.) The User undertakes to make correct and licit use of the Website and the content and services it offers in accordance with the applicable legislation of the time, the Legal Terms of the Website, public order and generally accepted good, moral use. The User must abstain from:
1.Any unauthorized or fraudulent us of the Website and/or its content for illicit purposes, prohibited under the present Legal Terms, jeopardise the rights and interests of third parties or in any way damage, block, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of these services, or documents, files and other content stored in any equipment;
2. Accessing or attempting to access resources or restricted areas of the Website without fulfilling the conditions for said access;
3. Causing damage to the physical or digital systems of the Website, its suppliers or third parties;
4. Adding or spreading computer viruses on the internet or any other physical or digital system which may cause damage to the physical or logical systems of STIGMERGY, S.L., its suppliers or third parties;
5. Attempting to access, use and/or manipulate the data of STIGMERGY, S.L., third party suppliers and other Users;
6. Reproduce or copy, distribute, enable public access by any means of public communication, transform or modify content, unless with permission of the owner of the rights or if said action is legally permitted;
7. Erase, hide or manipulate the notes on intellectual and industrial ownership and other data which identifies the rights of STIGMERGY, S.L. or third parties involves in the content, as well as the technical means of protection or any other information mechanism which may be added to the content;
8. Obtain or attempt to obtain the contents by means or procedures that differ from those which have been made available for this purpose or indicated expressly in the Webpages where the content is found or, in general, those which are commonly used in Internet to prevent the risk of damage or blockage of the web and/or its content;
9. The User is especially committed, without being exhaustive, to not transmitting. spreading or giving to third parties any information, data, content, messages, illustrations, sound or image files, photographs, recordings, software or any other kind of material which:
(a) Contravenes, insults or offends the fundamental rights and public liberties recognised by the constitution, international treaties or other legislation;
(b) Induces, incites or encourages criminal acts, or insults, slander, violence, or in general, acts against the law, morals or good manners or public order;
(c) Induces, incites or encourages discriminatory actions, attitudes or ideas based on gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or social condition;
(d) Includes, makes available or gives access to illegal, violent, hazardous or degrading products, elements, messages and/or services or, in general, against the law, morals or good manners or public order;
(e) Induces or may induce an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear;
(f) Induces or incites others to take part in dangerous activities, involving risk and damage to one’s health and mental equilibrium;
(g) Are protected by legislation for intellectual or industrial property belonging to STIGMERGY, S.L. or third parties who have not authorized the use which is intended;
(h) That offend against honour, personal and family privacy or one’s image;
(i) Are some form of advertisement;
(j) Includes any type of virus or programme which prevents normal service of the website.



5.1.) STIGMERGY, S.L. does not guarantee continuous access, nor correct appearance, download or usefulness of the elements and information contained in the pages of STIGMERGY, S.L., which may be impeded, challenged or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control.
5.2.) STIGMERGY, S.L. may interrupt services or terminate the relation with the User if it detects that the portal or any of the services offered by the same are contrary to the present Legal Terms.
5.3.) STIGMERGY, S.L. offer the Users an email address so that any content that may affect the activities of other users can be made clear so that it can be rectified where appropriate.
5.4.) STIGMERGY, S.L. declines all responsibility for injuries, damages, losses, complaints or expenses caused by:
(i) interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephone line problems, delays, blockages or disconnections from the mains power supply, caused by deficiencies, overloads and errors in the telecommunications lines and networks, or any other cause beyond the control of STIGMERGY, S.L.;
(ii) illegitimate interference through the use of malignant programmes such as computer viruses or any others through any means of communication;
(iii) abuse or incorrect use of the web pages of STIGMERGY, S.L;
(iv) security or navigation errors caused by a browser which is defective or which has not been updated. The administrators of STIGMERGY, S.L. reserve the right to withdraw completely or in part any content or information on the website.
5.5.) STIGMERGY, S.L. refuses any liability for damages or loss of any kind that may be attributed to the incorrect use of the services which are free to use for website users. STIGMERGY, S.L. is also exempt from any responsibility for the content and information received as a consequence of the forms for collecting data, which are only intended for the service of requesting estimates. The user, however, may be sued by STIGMERGY, S.L. in the case of loss or damages due to illicit or incorrect use of these services and any losses or damages incurred.



6.1.) The User recognizes and accepts that all brands, commercial names or distinctive emblems, all intellectual and industrial property rights over the content and/or any other element in the page are the exclusive property of STIGMERGY, S.L. and/or third parties with exclusive rights to use them for commercial purposes. Access to the webpage does not under any circumstance imply the surrender, transfer, licence or complete or partial cession of these rights, unless expressly stated. The present Legal Terms of the web page do not grant the Users any right to use, alter, exploit, copy, distribute or communicate to the public the webpage and/or its contents in any way other than those expressly foreseen. Any other use or the exploitation of any rights are subject to the prior authorization specifically granted to this end by STIGMERGY, S.L. or the third-party holder of the rights in question.
6.2.) The content, including texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, programmes, source codes and any other intellectual creation on the site, as well as the site itself, an artistic multimedia creation, are all protected by copyright under current intellectual property legislation. STIGMERGY, S.L. is the owner or licensee of the elements which form part of the graphic design of the webpage, the menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, texts, images, textures, illustrations or any other content on the webpage or, in any case possesses authorization for the use of these elements. The content of this website may not be reproduced in part or completely, nor transferred or registered by any data recovery system, in any way or in any media, without prior written authorisation from the body in question.
6.3.) The suppression, avoidance or manipulation of the copyright of STIGMERGY, S.L. is forbidden, as is that of the protection devices or any information mechanism which may contain the material. The User of this website is bound to respect the rights listed here and to avoid any action which may damage them, while STIGMERGY, S.L. reserve the right to exercise any legal means or actions in defense of its legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.



7.1.) The Users must provide certain personal data in order to use some of the Services. For this purpose, STIGMERGY, S.L. will handle all Personal Data automatically in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th December, Protection of Personal Data. The user can access the policy for the handling of personal data as well as the previously established purpose, in the conditions defined in the Privacy Policy on the website.



8.1.) The service provided by the present website and other services are of unlimited duration. However, STIGMERGY, S.L. may terminate or suspend any of the services on the portal. When it is possible, STIGMERGY, S.L. will announce the termination or suspension of the service in question.



9.1.) STIGMERGY, S.L. will not be liable in situations where the provision of service is impossible, when there is a prolonged failure of the power supply, telecommunications lines, social unrest, strikes, rebellion, explosions, flooding, Government intervention and its absence, and all situations of force majeure.



10.1.) The present Legal Terms are governed by Spanish law. To the extent which is legally permitted, the parties expressly reject any other jurisdiction which may apply and agree to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain).