We will speed-up your innovation process

Develop an Innovation Culture

We collaborate with our customers to promote into their organizations a conductive environment to a continous introduction of new ideas or ways of thinking, that translates into actions to solve nagging challenges or new oportunities. It is what is known as directed creativity in an innovation environment.

For this, we follow a methodology that consists of three phases:

  1. Assessment: Get a picture of what is the current culture of your organization.
  2. Awareness: Promote attitudes and behaviors in line with the Innovation Culture that is intended to develop. We rely on two levers, training sessions and communication actions.
  3. Systematic and Focused Gathering of Ideas: Encourage and channel the creative and inventive skills of your employees (finding hidden talent) with the impact it implies in improving the efficiency of your productive capacity (innovation in processes), in the differentiation of your product portfolio (innovation in product) or in the innovation of your business model.

Prioritizing innovation opportunities

Would you like to know what opportunities to innovate you have and, of those, what should you focus on? To do this, we have developed the “Shaping Opportunities” methodology that allow you to identify “hidden” needs of the user and prioritize them.


Result: New opportunities of diferentiation.


It consists of three phases:

  1. Innovation Strategy: Determine what type of innovations are pursued and identifiy target users as well as internal stakeholders.
  2. Qualitative analysis: identification of the users’ latent needs (consumer insights)
  3. Quantitative analysis: Establish a hierarchy of needs, according to criteria of importance to the user and degree to which the need is covered by the market, as well as a segmentation of the market to prioritize innovation opportunities.

In what other phases of the innovation process could we collaborate?


We enable companies to tap into the creativity and knowledge of their employees and clients, through a hilghly flexible crowdsourcing platform where ideas can be generated, submitted, discussed and evaluated collectively

Lead User method

Lead Users are trend-leadng and exceptionally motivated customers who can be integrated into the different steps of the innovation process. They are particularly interesting as a source for disruptive products and services ideas and can also function as innovative partners in product develpment

Prototyping and Testing

Its goal is to maximize learning with minimal investment. By creating a prototype, users will be able to interact with it and provide feedback


We speed-up time-to-market of the new product or service through people (``influencers``) that can influence the purchase decision